Since 1983, Wilto Engineering has been a leading company in the specialised field of high-frequency plastic welding. Today, we can boast that Wilto Engineering is known throughout this specialised sector.

What can we do?
In our own facilities, we produce complete, custom-made HF welding systems in any design requested. These include extending table systems, swivel table systems, and conveyor belt machines for roll processing. In addition to this, Wilto manufactures mobile systems with fixed support tables, for processes such as welding groundsheets, ceilings, etc. Please feel free to look through our online photo album.

Wilto Engineering builds:

  • HF Generators, in power ranges of 4, 8, 12 or 16 kW.
  • Welding presses: pneumatic up to pressures of 20,000 N, and hydraulic up to 40,000 N.
  • Swivel tables with 4, 6, or 8 stations.
  • Conveyor belt machines in any dimensions requested.
  • Handling equipment:
    • Automatic paper/cardboard feed system
    • Automatic emptying/outlet systems
    • Automatic sheet cutting/feed systems

What else can Wilto Engineering do for you?

  • We repair/upgrade HF welding machines from all manufacturers.
  • We offer all accessories for HF welding:
    • Wilto is an importer/distributor for the Italian welding lead manufacturer FTC.
    • Common insulation materials such as Triflexil, Melinex, etc., in any length and width desired.
    • Self-adhesive polyester tapes for repairing burn-throughs and/or welding conveyor belts.
    • Custom-cut aluminium plates for electrode construction.
    • Brass nuts, bolts, washers, and mounting angles for electrode construction.
    • Self-extinguishing filling foam for electrode construction.
    • Transmitting tubes, high-voltage diodes, high-power ceramic capacitors, vacuum capacitors, etc.