Conveyor belt machine

Conveyor belt machine:
This is specially designed for manufacturing products from the roll. The basic setup consists of a generator with a press, a loop extractor, and a roller support.

Depending on the application, the following auxiliary equipment can be added:

  • Automatic emptying system: this can empty a maximum of 12 products at the same time (depending on the product).
  • Heat punch: an auxiliary press that can apply cuts such as thumb grips in the foil as an auxiliary treatment before welding.
  • Feed station: intended for feeding in printed materials, cardboard, or pretreated sheets which also need to be welded.
  • Foil printing press: for making a foil print on the product.
  • Labelling press: to apply a PVC label holder to a foil strip in a single action as a pretreatment.
  • Barcode labelling system: for applying a barcode sticker to the products.
  • Roll cutter system: in order to divide up unweldable products such as self-adhesive cases on a paper carrier.